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„I am looking forward to offer you a safe, exciting and rewarding e-bike experience in our region the Salzkammergut. You get the best tips and tricks from 35 years of mountainbike experience. Our local guides know the region very well and show you the most beautiful routes and huts. We garantuee many happy moments in the mountains with a plus on safety.“

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Karl Posch

Local mountain biker since 1988
Certified Mountain Bike Guide
Cartographer for mountain bike maps in the Salzkammergut region

The Hallstatt region – Dachstein/ Salzkammergut

The mountain huts and plateaus of the Dachstein-Salzkammergut region are very beautiful. The region around the UNESCO heritage village of Hallstatt offers everything from green meadows to glaciers besides historical and cultural highlights. The best way to discover all of this is by e-bike. All trails together have a length of about 1.000k . About 200k lead along forestry roads that allow fast ascents and safe descents. In the Salzkammergut region we prefer „Almhopping“ (riding from mountain hut to mountain hut) rather than downhill – all e-bike routes are full of view points and traditional huts for food and drink, which makes the entire experience suitable for the whole family. Whereever you go in the Salzkammergut, you will be welcomed in a natural, traditional and friendly manner.

Top quality only with the guiding and the bikes

We strive to offer best quality not only with our guides, but also with our equipment. Our guides are are from the region and hold a guide certificate. Their local knowledege and skills need to be exceptional in order to be able to work as our guides. With regards to the e-bikes, we only use high quality bikes, for instance made by HAIBIKE. As a result we are able to reliably offer you the best guided tours, from slow and easy sightseeing tours to faster training tours.
The satisfaction of our clients is paramount, their wishes and skills define the possibilities of our guided routes.

Riding environmentally friendly through our world heritage region

Moving along with an e-bike offers great advantages while exploring the Salzkammergut. It’s not only the moving along quickly and the easy use of the bikes that are positive elements. Compared to cars an e-bike saves about 97% of CO2 emissions. The energy to recharge our bikes comes 100% from Austrian water power. We are proud to do our part for sustainable environmental protection.

E-Bike Guide Salzkammergut offers the best e-bike adventure with a clear conscience

  • Top notch e-bikes with big batteries, ideal for the mountains
  • Friendly and technically skilled guides with local knowledge
  • Only local and certified guides, who speak German and English
  • Excellent environmental performance evaluation by saving of fossil fuels
  • Sustainable tourism achieved by quality over quantity